Pet Care Library
(provided by the Veterinary Information Network’s Partner Library)

The Veterinary Information Network is an online service for veterinarians and people from the veterinary medical industry. VIN was established in 1991 by Dr. Paul Pion and Dr. Duncan Ferguson. It began simply, as a set of message boards for veterinarians from around the country to discuss cases and issues that they faced in practice.

The service soon grew in popularity, and the current version looks very different from those original chat boards. There are now over 19,000 veterinarians and over 33,000 total members from around the world who subscribe to VIN, and can access a database of information that may arguably be the single largest and most complete veterinary database in the world.

Due to the increasing popularity of online communications and high-speed internet access, it is now possible for us to consult with colleagues from around the world about our patients. We can even digitize photos of patients, skin lesions, orĀ  x-rays, and get feedback from experts in a variety of fields, sometimes within hours.

We are very proud to have access to this resource, and to be able to offer this level of technology and patient care to the pets in our practice. We think of it as having the largest group practice in the world!

To access the Pet Care Library, an e-resource for many pet-related questions, Click Here.